Many of these articles had a previous life as "Give Back" or "Local Hero" features in Breckenridge magazine, profiling Summit County locals or non-profits doing good in the world. Enjoy the read of their humbling deeds.


Darfur, South Sudan. Nepal during the Maoist insurgency. Haiti after 2010’s catastrophic earthquake; Honduras after 1998’s Hurricane Mitch.The passport stamps which Breckenridge physician Craig Perrinjaquet, MD, has collected over two decades of volunteer physician stints across the globe read like a shorthand code for human tragedy.  Asked to explain his penchant for small-scale, medical projects in communities often overlooked by larger aid groups in these devastated regions, Perrinjaquet relates a story about a lecture he once heard years ago by the inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller. Fuller had said that if somebody was already doing something, there really was no need for him (Fuller) to be there, doing it too.

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